Lawyers Julian Falconer and Julian Roy from Falconers LLP represented Maher Arar and his family in his lawsuit against the Canadian government following his illegal rendition to and torture in Syria.  The case made Canadian legal history when it became the largest human rights settlement allotted to an individual plaintiff.

Maher Arar was detained in September of 2002 on his way to Canada from a vacation in Tunis.  He was held without charges in solitary confinement in the United States for two weeks before, suspected of being a member of Al Qaeda, he was deported to Syria in spite of the fact that his home was in Canada.  Mr. Arar was detained in Syria for a period of almost a year, and was tortured during that time.  After his release to Canada, Mr. Arar was publicly cleared and settled out of court.  Mr. Arar was also issued a public apology by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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