Adam Nobody Update: Constable Andalib-Goortani pleads guilty to discreditable conduct

Yesterday, Cst. Andalib-Goortani of the Toronto Police Service pleaded guilty to discreditable conduct in a disciplinary hearing held pursuant to the Police Services Act. The misconduct plea arises from an incident at the G20 protests in 2010 where Cst. Andalib-Goortani struck unarmed protester Adam Nobody with his baton while Mr. Nobody was held down and already receiving punches, kicks, and knee strikes from a group of four other officers. It took investigators over 5 months to identify Cst. Andalib-Goortani, who was not wearing mandatory identification tags at the time. He was subsequently convicted of assault with a weapon in a criminal trial.
Lawyer Marc Gibson of Falconers LLP appeared on behalf of Mr. Nobody at Cst. Andalib-Goortani’s sentencing hearing. His submission was that it would be contrary to the public interest and detrimental to public confidence in the police for Cst. Andalib-Goortani to be given a gun and the power to use deadly force on civilians following his criminal conviction for assault with a police-issued weapon in the course of his police duties. Mr. Nobody’s position is that the officer should be immediately dismissed from the police force.

The hearing resumes on October 28 with submissions on behalf of Cst. Andalib-Goortani.

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Cop who assaulted G20 protester pleads guilty at police hearing   Toronto Star, October 6, 2015

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