Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Orders Endorse NAN Immediate Relief Resolutions

Falconers LLP is pleased to report that the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (“Tribunal”) has issued a March 29, 2017, decision in support of Nishnawbe Aski Nation’s (“NAN”), immediate relief resolutions.

In doing so, the Tribunal endorsed the agreement NAN has made with INAC on two immediate relief orders concerning: (1) a Remoteness Quotient Table; and, (2) a Choose Life working group.

The Tribunal pronounced itself favorably in support of the establishment of the Remoteness Quotient Table. Further, the Tribunal stated, in bolded text: “The Panel would like to acknowledge and extend our condolences to the families and communities of these youths and to all those who have lost children in similar circumstances.”[1]

Moreover, the Tribunal helpfully outlines the context of NAN’s requested orders and acknowledges the pain caused by the loss of children to suicide. Further, the Tribunal stated that the agreements achieved between NAN and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (“INAC”) are “carriers of hope”.

These resolutions will go a long way towards achieving Indigenous child welfare equity for NAN children and families and beyond.

This is ruling is a successful outcome of the Tribunal’s hearing which was held from March 22 to 24, 2017.  NAN’s, legal counsel, Julian Falconer and Akosua Matthews of Falconers LLP, were present at the hearing to argue that INAC must adopt the abovementioned and other immediate relief measures to remedy the discriminatory practices that the Tribunal has found to exist in the delivery of child welfare services on reserves, especially in remote and isolated First Nations communities.

[1] Para 11 of Tribunal’s March 29, 2017 Decision.

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