Crisis Legal Supports: Child Welfare

We are honoured to continue to offer assistance to our clients in times of crisis. We have specialized in supporting our clients when they face times of despair for more than 30 years. Whether it involves deaths at the hands of the state, or other, different forms of crisis, we are there. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we all face new personal and professional challenges. Falconers LLP is honoured to support our clients during this difficult time.

Child Welfare

During this pandemic emergency, Falconers LLP is supporting NAN Social Services and a multi-disciplinary team it has struck, called the CFS Emergency Preparedness Team (“CFS-EPT”).

The CFS-EPT is mandated with developing guidance relating to the provision of child and family services in NAN territory during the pandemic. The CFS-EPT has already issued an initial set of interim guidelines focusing on Emergency Response Referrals, and is preparing to release a second set of interim guidelines as well as a final report.

For further information regarding child welfare, contact:

Julian Falconer,

Asha James,

Molly Churchill,

Jeremy Greenberg,

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