Public Encouraged to Continue Making Submissions to Address Systemic Racism within Thunder Bay Police Service

The systemic review of Ontario’s police watchdog was prompted by complaints that the drowning death of Stacey Debungee in 2015, was too quickly deemed non-criminal by police. Falconers LLP lawyers, Julian Falconer and Meaghan Daniel, represent the DeBungee family and Rainy River First Nations community. Ontario’s police watchdog remains open to public input for his wide-ranging review of the Thunder Bay Police Service.

Ontario’s Independent Police Review Director, Gerry McNeilly, said the January 31st deadline was set to motivate people to get their comments in early, but he’s still interested in hearing from people. He’d like to hear of “any concerns they might have, any suggestions they have, any recommendations they think I should be making to improve the situation in Thunder Bay and to improve the situation between Indigenous members of the community and police.”

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OIPRD Director Gerry McNeilly on CBC’s Superior Morning with Lisa Laco   January 31, 2017

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Bottom Right of the Toronto Star's Front Page: 'Thunder Bay cops face probe for all missing persons cases"

Bottom Right of the Toronto Star’s Front Page: ‘Thunder Bay cops face probe for all missing persons cases’

The continued article in the Toronto Star

The continued article in the Toronto Star



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