Falconers LLP attends CAPG First Nations Police Governance Council

On August 8-9, 2018, Falconers LLP lawyer Julian Falconer and law student Jordan Ruediger made the journey aboard Falconair to Winnipeg, Manitoba to attend at the First Nations Police Governance Council as a part of the Canadian Association of Police Governance Conference.

Julian Falconer delivered a presentation on the ground-breaking progress that has been made on legislating the delivery of Indigenous police services: Bill-175 Safety Backed by the Rule of Law.

Bill-175, referred to as the Safer Ontario Act, represents a complete overhaul of policing legislation in Ontario. An overhaul that will bring Indigenous policing into the legislated fold and put an end to the days in which Indigenous police services were completely excluded from the Ontario Police Services Act (PSA).

The Safer Ontario Act, which has been proclaimed and is scheduled to become law in January 2019, paves the way for Indigenous police services such as Nishnawbe-Aski Police Services (NAPS) to become a fully mandated police service just like any other in the Province. The same rules and obligations that have long applied to municipal police services, will apply to Indigenous police services and boards. Furthermore, all police services in Ontario will be measured according to the same standards of adequacy under the newly amended PSA. The Province of Ontario will be under an obligation to provide funding for adequate, effective and culturally appropriate police services to any Indigenous police service that becomes subject to the new legislation.

Julian also continued to provide support as legal counsel to the NAPS Board and Treaty 3 Police Services Board who were in attendance at the Conference.

Falconers LLP thanks all who attended the Conference for the important discussions and dedication to First Nations Policing.

Julian’s presentation can be found below:

Legislating Change for Indigenous Policing

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