‘Heresy Trial’ Called Off

Rev. Vosper who has faced an unprecedented ecclesiastical court hearing over her professed atheism is no longer in danger of a defrocking after the two sides reached an agreement in the long-running case. Vosper’s lawyer, Julian Falconer, called it an important day for the United Church that his client no longer was risk of sanction.

‘Heresy Trial’

Rev. Gretta Vosper and the church settled ahead of what some had dubbed a “heresy trial,” leaving her free to minister to her east-end Toronto Congregation.

In an interview, Rev. Vosper stated, “It’s going to be wonderful, we’ll be out from underneath that heavy cloud. Now we’ll be able to really fly.”

“Both parties took a long look at the cost-benefit at running a heresy trial and whether it was good for anyone (and) the results speak for themselves,” Falconer said. “They recognized there’s a place for Gretta, and that there is no reason to separate the minister and the congregation.”

Vosper said it’s been a long road to clearing her name. “There have been times of elation when I have felt the incredible support and energy of that support and love and affirmation from my congregation and across the country and around the world,” she said. “And there have been moments of incredible despair.”

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Atheist United Church minister to keep job in Toronto; ‘heresy trial’ called off

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Atheist United Church minister to keep her job after reaching agreement ahead of ‘heresy trial’

Atheist United Church minister to keep her job at Toronto congregation

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