Toronto Police Constable Theriault, and brother, mislead investigation in ‘deplorable’ police handling of Dafonte Miller Case

Toronto Police Constable, Michael Theriault, and his brother Christian, who were charged in the beating of Black teen Dafonte Miller are now accused of misleading investigators, according to newly obtained court documents. According to information filed in court, the Special Investigations Unit alleges the Theriaults “did with intent to mislead, cause a peace offer to enter upon or continue an investigation and thereby commit public mischief.”

Additionally, former SIU directors, Ian Scott and André Marin, commented that the police handling was “very unusual” and “a deplorable situation that the SIU was notified not hours, days or weeks, but months — many months  — after the incident when the law says that the SIU must be notified immediately,” said Marin.

Neither Toronto police nor Durham police notified the SIU, the body called in to investigate cases of death, serious injury or alleged sexual assault involving police. It was not until Julian Falconer, who represents Miller, contacted the police watchdog in April that it began an investigation. Further to the delay, Falconer raised other concerns about the conduct of Durham police. For example, he said Tuesday that Durham investigators failed to interview an eyewitness to the beating. Falconer also provided an account of what allegedly happened in the early morning hours of Dec. 28, none of which has yet been tested in court.

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