First Nation (Shoal Lake No. 39) Goes to Court Over Winnipeg and Ontario’s Dishonourable Dealings around the Taking of Water

Iskatewizaagegan No. 39 (Shoal Lake No. 39) is in Court (via virtual hearing beginning at 9:30am EST) on Tuesday and Wednesday (March 26-27, 2024) arguing that their claim for compensation must include steps taken by the Crown to extinguish their water and fishing rights in order to pave the way for Winnipeg’s 110-year extraction of Shoal Lake water. Despite access to at least three lakes located in the province of Manitoba (Lakes Winnipegosis, Manitoba, and Winnipeg), Winnipeg instead built a 150-kilometre aqueduct that remains the biggest and longest straw in Canada. To this day, Shoal Lake continues to be the sole source of drinking water for the City of Winnipeg. Evidence demonstrates that Winnipeg has profited extensively (in the tens of millions of dollars) from accessing the waters of Shoal Lake for 110 years and has NEVER paid reparations to Iskatewizaagegan No. 39 Independent First Nation.

Both the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Ontario are resisting a motion by the First Nation to assert that a taking of their water rights (as originally stipulated in Treaty and Statute in the 1890’s) was engineered by the Defendants to facilitate the creation of the Winnipeg water project.

Link to Live Hearing:

Meeting ID: 622 2943 7219
Passcode: 333625

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