CSC Leadership Identified as Obstacle to Reform of Solitary Confinement in Federal Prisons

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, Julian Falconer, lawyer for the Smith family, identified CSC as part of the problem when it comes to the implementation of recommendations from the Inquest into Ashley Smith’s death, stating, “The presence of Commissioner Head as deputy commissioner or commissioner right through the circumstances around Ashley Smith’s death, right through the endless coverup and grief the family was put through by CSC, through the inquest, and now through this intransigence for two years after the inquest makes clear that the commissioner is part of the problem…  And, in my opinion, any political leadership that is looking to actually implement serious change would be wasting tax dollars if they put Mr. Head in charge of that change.”

Two years ago, 104 reform proposals for CSC  were introduced as a result of the inquest into the death of Ashley Smith.  The recommendations called for more than a statistical reduction in the population in solitary confinement;  they also proposed hard limits on the amount of time an inmate can spend in solitary confinement.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has voiced his support for the recommendations of Ashley Smith’s coroner’s inquest, including the recommendations about solitary confinement for inmates with mental illness.

Further information about the inquest can be found here.

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