Protesters Gather Outside Oshawa Courthouse for Dafonte Miller

Cp24 reports that Members of Black Lives Matter- Toronto and the Anti-Racism Network of Durham Region held a rally outside the Oshawa courthouse on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, ahead of a pre-trial hearing for  Toronto Police Officer, Michael Theriaul,t and his brother Christian, both accused of brutally beating black Whitby teen Dafonte Miller.

The article quotes Miller’s lawyer, Julian Falconer, who has raised concerns about the conduct of Durham police. For example, he said that Durham investigators failed to interview an eyewitness to the beating. Falconer also provided an account of what allegedly happened in the early morning hours of Dec. 28. According to Falconer, the Theriault’s allegedly beat Miller “within an inch of his life.” Falconer also said that following the attack, Miller’s left eye was dislodged from its socket and was split in four, causing him to permanently lose vision in that eye. Falconer added that Miller also suffered a broken nose, broken orbital bone, bruised ribs, and a fractured wrist.

Miller and his family have filed a complaint with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, in which it is alleged that the father of the two accused, Det. John Theriault, who is a detective with the Toronto police’s Professional Standards Unit, improperly contacted Durham police investigators to “gain information relating to the status of the investigation and to provide additional false information about injuries suffered by his son, Christian.”

The Toronto Police Service has requested that the Waterloo Regional Police Service undertake a third-party review of the case. Waterloo Regional Police Service is itself, embroiled in a legal battle with current and former female officers filing a class action lawsuit against the service for harassment and a poisoned work environment.

None of the allegations have been proven in court

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