Appeal Allowed: Adam Nobody G20 Appeal Ordered to Proceed

The Divisional Court has reversed an Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC) order, paving the way for the appeal by Adam Nobody of a disciplinary decision to proceed.  Falconers LLP lawyers Julian Falconer and Marc Gibson represent Adam Nobody in respect of a discipline hearing in which he charged constables Michael Adams, David Donaldson, Geoffrey Fardell, and Oliver Simpson with excessive force and misconduct arising out of Mr. Nobody’s arrest at the G20 protests at Queen’s Park in 2010.   The police officers were found not guilty at the hearing but the Divisional Court, in a judgement dated November 21, 2016, has ordered the appeal to proceed and ordered $15,000.00 in costs against the police officers who sought to have the appeal thrown out on technical grounds.

Video of the arrest, which was posted on social media, shows at least five officers (including the Respondents) applying punches, kicks, and knee strikes to the unarmed Mr. Nobody after he was taken to the ground by a sixth officer.  Cst. Babak Andalib-Goortani was convicted of criminal assault with a weapon for unnecessarily striking Mr. Nobody with his baton during the arrest.

On March 4, 2016, the OCPC dismissed Mr. Nobody’s appeal because it was served by fax on the last day of the appeal period.  On judicial review, the Divisional Court held that the OCPC misinterpreted the service requirements and ordered that it hear the appeal.  The Court awarded $15,000 in costs against the officers for opposing the judicial review application.

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