Colonization and Systemic Racism: Pathways to Change

On Thursday, December 7, 2017, Falconers LLP lawyer, Anthony Morgan, was a featured panelist for the Human Rights Forum on Colonization and Systemic Racism: Pathways to Change, hosted by Urban Alliance on Race Relations.

Additional speakers included Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, Renu Mundane; Executive Director of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres, Sylvia Maracle; Policy and Research manager at the Broadbent Institute, Brittany Andrew-Amofah.

The speakers engaged in a thought provoking critical conversation on the intersections of colonization and racism. They did so thorough providing responses to the following questions:

  1.  Colonization and systemic racism are big phrases and big concepts. How do they play out on day-to-day basis in terms of lived reality?
  2. What are barriers to pathways to change?
  3. What are opportunities for pathways to change?
  4. What is one practical thing that each and every one of us can do to make positive change happen?

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