United Church of Canada Rejects Vosper Appeal, Gives No Reasons

After deliberating for more than three months, having received ten volumes of materials consisting of approximately 1700 pages of written submissions, this week the United Church of Canada appeal court (the Judicial Committee Executive) issued a one-page decision refusing, without reasons, to hear Reverend Gretta Vosper’s appeal.

Rev. Vosper is the Minister of West Hill United Church (“West Hill”), located in Scarborough and within the Toronto Conference of the UCC. Rev. Vosper is a self-described atheist who believes in a metaphorical god instead of the traditional theistic vision of god. Rev. Vosper has openly applied her views throughout her ministry since 2001 and has the full support of her Congregation.

Falconers LLP acts as legal counsel for Reverend Vosper.

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Falconers LLP Submissions to the United Church of Canada:

Statement of Argument to General Secretary   September 18, 2015
Affidavit of Randy Bowes, Chair of West Hill Board   Sworn September 18, 2015
Exhibits to Affidavit of Randy Bowes   Sworn September 18, 2015
Book of Authorities   September 18, 2015
Reply to General Secretary   October 30, 2015
Reply Affidavit of Randy Bowes   October 30, 2015
Final Reply to General Secretary Sur-Reply   December 10, 2015


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