Call for Full-Scale Investigation of Racism in Thunder Bay Police Service

Stacy DeBungee Death Triggers Systemic Review Complaint with Ontario Police Complaints Unit (OIPRD)


Thunder Bay police ‘racism’ must be rooted out, lawyer says


See some of the Documents Filed with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director

OIPRD Complaint
Media Release: Stacy DeBungee   Thunder Bay Police, October 20, 2015
Media Release: Jethro Anderson    Thunder Bay Police, November 11, 2000
Media Release: Reggie Bushie    Thunder Bay Police, November 2, 2007
Transcript, Julian Falconer Cross-Examination of Allan Shorrock   First Nations Youth Inquest, November 5, 2015

In the News:

Thunder Bay police practices need review, Fort William First Nation chief says   CBC, March 29, 2016

City Police Accused Of “Tunnel Vision,” Racism   Magic 99.9, Thunder Bay, March 27, 2016

Thunder Bay police ‘racism’ must be rooted out, lawyer says: Police too quick to deem Indigenous deaths ‘non-criminal,’ formal complaint alleges      CBC, March 25, 2016

Listen to CBC’s World Report from March 25, 2016 here

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