Video Evidence Changing The Field For Police Court Cases

Julian Falconer, of Falconers LLP, spoke about the benefits of video evidence following the recent sentencing of Toronto Constable James Forcillo for shooting 18-year-old Sammy Yatim.

“Look at what happened here. Officer James Forcillo testified that Yatim — who was paralyzed and dying — was trying to get back up again,” adding that the judge in the case had to reject that testimony.” Falconer also stated, how “it’s absolutely close to impossible to convict police officers (in brutality cases) without video. Every time a police officer takes the stand, and their badge and credibility is marshalled against (other witnesses), … that was a huge advantage.”

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Video a ‘game changer’ for police court cases, like Forcillo   Toronto Sun,  August 28, 2016

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Falconer reflects on the sentencing stating, “there is significance to today because [the sentence] reflects the fact that there may be some equality under the law; that maybe police, today, just once, are as accountable as the rest of us.”

An egregious breach of trust   Gleaner Community Press,  August 26, 2016
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Falconer speaks about lack of funding for inquest victims of police-shootings:

Families of people killed by police denied legal funding at inquests   Toronto Star, July 20, 2016

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