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The Toronto Police Service (“TPS”) S.11 Report completed by the Waterloo Regional Police Service (“WRPS”) in respect of the assault against Dafonte Miller was made public this week and demonstrates multiple failures of the TPS.

Not only did the TPS fail to follow the Police Service Act regulations on reporting to the SIU, but the report found that they failed to comply with their own policy.

The s. 11 report was completed on October 9, 2020. TPS has not provided any explanation as to why the report, completed over a full year ago, is only being released to the public now. A second report was also released dated June 15, 2021, which found that John Theriault, Michael’s father and employee with the TPS at the time exerted no undue influence on the decision not to notify the SIU. The report does not indicate what evidence was looked at to reach this conclusion.

Ultimately, no one at the Toronto Police Service will be held accountable for their failure to notify the SIU of Dafonte Miller’s brutal assault at the hands of Michael Theriault.


S. 11 Reports by Waterloo Regional Police Service:
S. 11 Report – SIU Case of Dafonte Miller
Supplemental S. 11 Report – Det. John Theriault
Toronto Police Service Board Report – Custody Injury of Dafonte Miller


Media Coverage: 

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CP24 News – ‘Failed him again’: Dafonte Miller, lawyer slam lack of accountability after officer-involved beating

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