Celebrating the 28th National Indigenous Peoples Day

June 21, 2024, marks the 28th annual National Indigenous Peoples Day on Turtle Island (Canada).

Indigenous peoples across Canada continue to demonstrate their resilient spirit despite the continued reminders and ongoing discoveries of unmarked burials at Indian Residential and Day Schools. It is crucial that recognition of their strength and courage occurs across Canada, as they continue to deal with hardships and struggles related to the legacy of these traumas and the lasting effects of colonialism every day.

Falconers LLP has the privilege of working with many diverse and unique First Nation communities and to assist in advocating for justice in a variety of legal matters. Falconers LLP is also honoured to stand with Indigenous Peoples across Canada as the work continues to make changes that will benefit their communities – and to commemorate, alongside them, this important day of remembrance and renewal.

Falconers LLP encourages all Canadians to pause, reflect, and find ways to appropriately acknowledge National Indigenous Peoples Day. Ways to get involve include:

There are various celebrations occurring across Toronto and other communities across Canada to recognize and acknowledge Indigenous culture and heritage. Some events taking place in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area include:

Falconers LLP joins our First Nations neighbours and friends in honouring this important day, as we continue to work together in a good way on the path towards Reconciliation.

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