Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General Seeks to Revoke Toronto Constable Forcillo’s Bail

The Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General applied to revoke the bail of Constable James Forcillo, on November 16, 2017, reported from the Star. Constable Forcillo was convicted of attempted murder in 2016, for shooting Sammy Yatim 8 times, killing the 18-year-old in July of 2013.  Falconers LLP represents Sammy Yatim’s mother in her civil lawsuit against Toronto Police and Constable Forcillo.

Constable Forcillo was arrested on November 14, 2017, for allegedly breaching bail, due to breaching house arrest conditions. The following day, a notice of application was filed by the Ministry of the Attorney General at the Ontario Court of Appeal to revoke Constable Forcillo’s bail. Constable Forcillo remains in custody.

According to court documents filed Wednesday, November 16, 2017, Constable Forcillo’s alleged breaches include failing to: reside with his surety at his Vaughan address; notify the Special Investigations Unit, of any change in address; and, remain in his residence at all times except under special circumstances, such as a medical emergency.

“When you’re under house arrest, you better not be in someone else’s house,” said Julian Falconer, lawyer for Yatim’s mother, Sahar Bahadi. Bahadi told the Star on Thursday that she feels better knowing that Constable Forcillo is behind bars.

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