Falconer Calls Out Bullying at Convocation

At Convocation on February 27, 2020 a motion was brought by Benchers Fagan and Brown to censure the Chair of the Equity Advisory Group, who was called to the bar in 2018. The motion sought redress for a Tweet the Chair made about comments from a senior bencher. A second motion was brought by the same benchers which called into question the role of the Equity Advisory Group as a whole.  A group composed of equity partners whose mandate is to assist the Equity and Indigenous Affairs Committee in the development of policy options for the promotion of equity and diversity in the legal profession.

Julian Falconer spoke on the record, asserting that the motion was bullying on the part of the senior lawyers who are also members of the StopSOP slate.  Julian also proclaimed that this motion was an attack on equity and inclusion partners who have supported the Law Society’s equity initiatives for over 20 years.

The motion to censure was ruled out of order by the Treasurer, and the motion to study the advisability of the Equity Advisory Group was tabled on a majority vote by Convocation.


Correspondence Received by LSO re:Fagan/Brown Notices of Motion

Motion re: Twitter activity following Equity and Indigenous Affairs Committee meeting – the motion was ruled out of order

Motion re: Bencher and non-bencher advisor participation in committee meetings – the motion was tabled



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