Jury Finds Officer Guilty of Attempted Murder in Yatim Shooting Death

Today, the jury delivered a guilty verdict in the trial of James Forcillo in the death of Sammy Yatim.  Forcillo was found guilty of attempted murder, and not guilty of  second degree murder or manslaughter.  Sammy was shot eight times by Constable Forcillo on July 27, 2013 while confined within a TTC streetcar and surrounded by numerous Toronto police officers.  The jury rejected Constable Forcillo’s testimony that Sammy presented a real threat to the officer at the time that he discharged his weapon a further six times while Sammy lay mortally wounded on the floor of the streetcar.  The jury was not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that Constable Forcillo was guilty of murder.

Falconers LLP represents the mother and sister of Sammy Yatim, Sahar Bahadi and Sarah Yatim, in an $8 million lawsuit against the police.  The action was issued on October 11, 2013 against Cst. Forcillo and the Toronto Police Service.

On August 30, 2013, Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair appointed Frank Iacobucci to lead the review of the Toronto Police Services’ use of force policies.  Justice Iacobucci issued his Report in July of 2014.

Press Release and Statement

Press Release   January 25, 2016
Statement of Dr. Sahar Bahadi   January 25, 2016

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Julian Falconer speaks out about the Forcillo verdict   January 25, 2016

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