“Gratuitous Attack and Deliberate Concealment of Crime”: Dafonte Miller Case

Dafonte Miller, represented by his lawyer Julian Falconer of Falconers LLP, has filed a complaint with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director in connection with the vicious assault and subsequent charges laid against him on December 28, 2016.

The complaint alleges that Toronto police and Durham regional police tried to cover up the attack on Miller to protect Michael Theriault, a Toronto constable, and his brother Christian Theriault from prosecution.

The complaint, which was filed Tuesday, further alleges the police forces “blindly” accepted the brothers’ accounts of what happened, despite Miller’s obvious and severe injuries and the presence of witnesses, who they failed to interview.

It also alleges that the Theriaults’ father, a detective with the Toronto police professional standards unit, was in contact with Durham investigators about the case, “thereby furthering the concealment” of the incident. Toronto’s police chief has said that the professional standards unit made the call not to contact the province’s police watchdog.

The Special Investigations Unit wasn’t notified of the alleged incident until months later, by Falconers LLP, and has since charged the brothers with aggravated assault and other offences.

Falconer stated, “this represented, in my opinion, a deliberate and intentional effort on the part of police authorities to conceal a crime by one of their own.”

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