“Range of Possibilities” for Court Cases following Toronto Constable Michael Thompson’s Overdose

City News reported on November 16, 2017, that several drug cases due in court may be in question after a Toronto drug squad officer died of a fentanyl overdose.

Julian Falconer told City News, ‘the range of possibilities is open now,” when asked about what Constable Thompson’s death could mean for the court cases moving forward. “Everything from it having a minor impact to cases being thrown out are all equally possible scenarios. It’s really a question of the role this officer’s evidence played in the strength of the crown’s case on a given trial. It’s hard to say, you can’t generalize but obviously this is a sad day for this officer’s family. But it’s also a sad day for the justice system, given the role this officer had in court cases.”

In a statement, acting Police Chief Jim Ramer, said Constable Michael Thompson was found at his home in medical distress on April 10. Thompson was rushed to hospital, where he died three days later. Acting Police Chief Ramer also stated the quantity of fentanyl was “too large to have been caused by mere contact with that drug,” and that Constable Thompson’s death has left the force with “more questions than answers.”

Constable Thompson’s death comes on the heels of an opioid overdose crisis, which has claimed the lives of 865 people in Ontario last year

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Toronto police drug squad officer dies of fentanyl overdose    City News, November 16, 2017

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