Dafonte Miller Case: ‘Troubling Aspects and Unanswered Questions’ Proclaims Mayor of Toronto, Tory

On July 25, 2017, the Toronto Star reported on the internal document prepared by the Toronto Police in respect of the Dafonte Miller assault. Mayor, John Tory stated, “I am concerned at some of what I’ve read, there are a number of unanswered questions and the incident is “deeply troubling,” surrounding the beating of Dafonte Miller by Toronto Constable Michael Theriault and his brother Christian.

Lawyer, Julian Falconer who represents Miller, told the Star following Tory’s comment about the police force meeting behind closed doors Thursday, that he can understand why the service has to be able to debrief its board in private. “But then one hopes that that process becomes less opaque and that they understand the importance of answering serious questions.” At its heart, the board has a responsibility to do proper oversight . . . This is a policy question: Is this a police service run amok when one of their own — a son of one of their own, two sons of one of their own — does wrong or is this a situation where they’re going to be accountable?”

The provincial Police Services Act dictates that a police service must notify the SIU immediately of any incident that falls under their mandate, including cases of serious injuries involving officers. It was Falconers LLP, not Durham or Toronto police, who alerted the SIU to Miller’s injuries in April. All charges against Miller were dropped in May.

Following an SIU investigation, both of the Theriault brothers have been charged with aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and public mischief. The allegations have not yet been tested in court. Their father, John Theriault, is a detective who has served more than 30 years with Toronto Police and currently works in the professional standards unit, which deals with officer misconduct, Falconer stated.

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