Convicted Police Officers: A City News Investigation

City News has launched an investigation into police officers who have been convicted of criminal offences, yet remain on the job. Julian Falconer, who has represented many family members and individuals who have been the victim of police use of force was interviewed as part of the City T.V. investigation. Using the example of a police officer who has been convicted of domestic violence, Mr. Falconer stated “this is someone who is responsible for carrying a gun, for the powers of arrest, and all the things that come with being a police officer. The officer is out on the beat, they get called for a domestic violence call. They are now taking the statement of a complainant. They have just been convicted themselves of domestic assault. Where is the credibility of managing the situation? And where is the trust?”

Falconer also notes how “the chief of police acts as judge, investigator, and prosecutor. The chief of police is in charge of any internal investigation. The chief of police appoints the prosecutor. And believe it or not, the chief of police can sit as the judge or appoints a judge. It is considered a Kangaroo Court. The police discipline process is horribly flawed. It doesn’t have any of the hallmarks of a fair and balanced process. So we don’t hold our police officers accountable, and that is a shame.”

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City News investigation Convicted cops who kept their jobs City News, March 1, 2017

CityNews Investigation Convicted Cops Searching for Transparency   City News, March 1, 2016

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