The Pressure for Police Reform in Ontario

Following the release of the Ombudsman’s 2016 report, there has been an increased call for police reform in Ontario. A review is underway of police oversight, which will examine the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission.

During an interview with the Ottawa Citizen, lawyer Julian Falconer, of Falconers LLP, stated “the issues of oversight have been studied to death, and if there is a problem it can’t be that it hasn’t been looked at.”  Falconer has long been an advocate for change in policing practices in Toronto and Ontario.

In The News

Watchdogs, oversight and Ontario’s thin blue line: How the stakes got so high   Ottawa Citizen, July 8, 2016

Ombudsman’s report slams police training as the problem   The Star, June 29, 2016


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