Falconers LLP Argues for Meekis Family to Have Their Day In Court in Action Against Coroners

At the Superior Court of Justice today in Thunder Bay, Julian Falconer and Molly Churchill argued as counsel on behalf of the family of the late Brody Meekis in response to the crown’s motion to strike the claim that they launched in 2016 after his tragic death.

Brody Meekis was a 4-year-old child who died from strep throat in his home community of Sandy Lake First Nation.  The Statement of Claim alleges that the investigating coroner did not do his job adequately or at all after Brody’s death.  Contrary to policy, the family claims that the coroner did not attend the scene of the death, did not fulfil his key role in communicating with the family during the investigation, and further failed to identify the systemic issues that contributed to Brody’s death.

The original claim names the Chief Coroner for Ontario, the Regional Supervising Coroner, the Investigating Coroner and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario as defendants. It was launched in response to serious concerns about the failure of the entire coronial system as related to aproper death investigation.

The Defendants argued today that the claim is without merit and should not proceed.  A decision is expected from Justice Fregeau in the coming months.


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