Falconers LLP’s Welcomes New Lawyers From Lakehead University’s Inaugural Class

September 20, 2016: Maclean’s magazine features Elysia Petrone-Reitberger and Samantha Ramage; two of the Lakehead University’s Bora Laskin Faculty of Law graduates hired by Falconers LLP. Canada’s newest law school opened in northern Ontario in 2013 with a unique commitment to teach about small-town practice, natural resources, environmental issues and, not least, Indigenous law. This week, members of that first class will be called to bar of the Law Society of Upper Canada and these new members will live up to the aspirations of the law school- a focused curriculum on Aboriginal law.

While this is a monumental achievement, lawyer Julian Falconer noted, that he sees a “perfect storm of opportunity” to repair historic wrongs. However, he cautions: “I would be careful about declaring victory in circumstances where we literally have centuries of oppression behind us. We created a terrible plight for our Indigenous brothers and sisters and we hardly are going to fix it overnight.”

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