Dafonte Miller and the R. v. Theriault Verdict and Appeal: Julian Falconer Insists That the Justice System Must Learn to Factor in the Role of Racism

Julian Falconer of Falconers LLP spoke recently with journalist Aidan MacNab of the Law Times on the Crown’s decision to appeal the verdict in R. v Theriault, a case involving the brutal assault in December 2016 of Dafonte Miller, a Black youth, by off-duty Toronto Police Constable Michael Theriault and his brother Christian Theriault, both White men.

Falconer emphasized that for the justice system to keep up with the times and ensure its analyses and results are not detached from reality, it is “going to have to be able to factor in the role of racism in these kinds of cases.”

Falconers LLP represents Dafonte Miller and his family in civil proceedings and investigations into misconduct relating to the December 2016 assault.

The full Law Times article can be found here

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